The United Rehearsal

by United Races

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Cover art by Daniel Ortuño (
Recorded by Josh Bokemeyer (


released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


United Races Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Charade
Who's to say I can never change
To change my life a better way
Never once questioned how I lived this way
Tell myself it's fine but I don't want to stay
Am I going to let those people just push me around
Will things always have to be the way they are now
They only speak up and talk when there's a crowd
But when there's a real problem they can't be found
Here I am but I have no shame
Won't beat myself up I'm not to blame
The mistakes I've made they've all done the same
But always I'm singled out why is it always this way
I look to them for answers they're never found
Think their violence their status is all that counts
Always displaying what they want to portray
But I figured them out and their big charade
Won't let them get inside of me I'll make my own change
The way they all make sense of things I don't care what they have to say
The way everyone sees me isn't how it should be
But I'll prove them wrong and I'll let them all see
Who's to say I can never change
To change my life a better way
Track Name: No Friend Of Mine
Are you really so ashamed
If we're a joke why do you stay
I can't handle much more of this
You're the problem that we have to fix
Always so quick to hide
You're no friend of mine
If we're as bad as you make us seem
Then why is it that you never leave
Ignorance is what you know
But you will never let it go
No longer can I deny
That you're no friend of mine
Think what you want and so will I
You're never one to satisfy
No longer can I deny
That you're no friend of mine
Track Name: L.O.R.
Acting tough what's left to say
Talking shit because you think we'll break
Downing booze because you know what's best
Wasting away you're just like the rest
Just one more hit that's all you say
Any excuse just to get your way
Ask why I'm livid why I haven't changed
But if you looked inside then you'll see my life of rage
Track Name: Disclose
United we're all the same
No problems, no one to blame
It's obvious that our choice is clear
But that's not what you want to hear
That's the thing you'll never change
But it's your life and that's not my say
You said you needed us but we were never there
You can think what you want of us
But don't you ever say we never cared
Track Name: For Yourself/All The Same
Think you fooled us but we're quick to see
Everything's messed up from your idea of free
But is that really how you want to be
Stop making all these excuses, think and do it for yourself
Come out with it what do you have to say
Make fun of me but we're all the same
But maybe I'm just not clear enough
But maybe I'm just not real enough
But maybe I'm just not here enough
But maybe I'm just not good enough
But what I see and what you do and how you talk is just a front
Well is it?
Just own up to it
So was this it?
Saying that it was our fault but you knew you knew you were the cause of it
My own side to this could care less what you say
Jokes on you cause we're all the same
Track Name: Misguided
Your kind your place that's how you know us
Your pride your race that's what you show us
Now I know what you think of me
So what's the point of apologies
Keep your views of equality
Cause all your jokes are just sick to me
You only see what you want to see
But are your words what they claim to be
Do you really think of us as the same
Or am I just another color to you
You crossed the line so many times
So how do you expect we see eye to eye
What you do is what I despise
You try to hide it but we all know
I'm not afraid of what I have to show
For your ignorance, there's no room to grow
Track Name: Something Else
As for me I always cared
Always tried to be aware
Only treat you how you treat me or so I thought it ought to be
I only tried to help but you're only here for something else
What are you trying to hide behind
Do you really think that I'm so blind
No more excuses you're out of time
Hiding your feelings and yourself inside
I only tried to help but you're only here for something else
I only tried to fucking help but your mind is somewhere else
Why do you hang around when all you do is put me down
So sick and tired of your mouth
You'll never know what we're about
Won't tell me things not in my face
Then you ask why I'm this way
Don't look at me like I'm to blame
No one cares about what you claim